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About Company

Database management is complex, we make it simple.

Drop the complex, out-of-date CRMs and streamline your workflows. Say hello to the simple system that lets you collect all customer details in one place..

Plus, now Assra Digital allows you to automate your mailing tasks, invoicing, payment collection and notify your customer in a simple action.
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CRM Work Process

Simple, Friendly & Clean Work Process


Online Forms

Customizable form for your customer online registration with complete profiling features


Data Management

Systematically stored your customer information and order booking, with comprehensive data mangement features



Order, sales and commission report auto generated and fully automated notification system via email and Whatsapp.

More than Solutions

Our Products

Travel Agency CRM

  • CRM system for travel package management
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  • Donation management system for charitable organisation
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Membership CRM

  • CRM for Mosque/Surau donation, kariah and khairat membership management system
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Education CRM

  • Students and teachers database management system
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Why Choose Us

Reason for people choosing our company

When most of your customer database need a systematic management system, our platform & expertise able to customize the codes, to fulfill your business requirements. Through a reliable platform, secured and efficient in performance.

Comprehensive Functions

Various functions and friendly features to fit your requirement.

Custom on Demand

Able to customize the features to fulfill your business needs if possible.

High-Quality Results

Outperforms other platform providers on function and trusted in reliability.