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CRM for Education Institution
Specially Crafted for Tuition Centre
or Mainstream Edu Institution

Digitize your business operation & management task now with our Clients Relationship Management system.
Grow sales, improve service quality and customer satisfaction through the power of Assra Digital CRM platforms.

what our crm system can do for your business?

Database Manager

  • Session List
  • Area List
  • Branches List
  • User Account List
  • Student List
  • Teacher List
  • State List
  • System Administrator List
  • Students Profile
  • Teachers Profile
  • Bank Account List
  • List of Applicants
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  • Student Data Based on Branch
  • Teacher Data Based on Branch
  • Traffic Graph
  • Total Payment Collection
  • Payment Based on Types
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Application Management

  • Application Forms
  • Application Approval
  • Payment Forms
  • Crowdfunding Forms
  • Payment Approval
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Extra Features

  • Organization Chart Editor
  • Built-in mini website
  • Awards Editor
  • Blog Editor
  • Slider Editor
  • Announcement
  • Activity and Schedule
  • Certificate Generator
  • Import/Export Data
  • Invoice Generator
  • Adminship Features
  • Access Control Panel
  • Selective News Broadcast
  • Activity Tracker
  • Affiliate Management System
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Whatsapp Notification System
  • Information Finder
  • Encrypted, High Security & Privacy
  • Performance Report
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Our Work Process

Enriching Education Through Technology


Online Application

Customizable form for your student application with complete profiling features


Data Management

Systematically stored your students, teachers and institution information, with comprehensive data management features



Automate your institution management, receipt & registration process with integration of automated notification system via email and Whatsapp.

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