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  • Can i have multiple activities in one session?

    Yes you can, but depend on you subscription package. For Basic package only allow for 3 access account in one session, while Advance package and above allow Unlimited access for multiple accounts.

  • What will happen to the database if I stopped my subscription?

    We only can keep your data for 40 days and we still allow you to export / download all your database within the grace period. But most of the function and features in the system will not in Active mode.

  • I forgot my password, how to get it back?

    You can go to your login dashboard panel and click Forgot Password link. We will help you get back to your account with new login password. Others, you also can ask your Superadmin to reset your password through internal setting in ...

  • Can I upgrade my current account?

    Yes, you can contact our support team here [email protected], and we will help you upgrade! Incoming, you can upgrade your subscription package through your system admin dashboard.

  • How I can learn all those functions and features?

    You can click Tutorial button in you admin dashboard. All function and features tutorials provided in you admin account. If you  need further help, please contact our support to guide you.

  • How to reactivate my account?

    You can simply contact our support team, say hello and tell us you are ready to reactivate your account.

  • Can I downgrade my subscription package?

    Yes you can, but we will charge some fees for server, functions and features downgrading process. Please contact our support team for further details.

  • How to cancel my subscription package?

    You can contact our support team for your unsubscription request. You are only given 40 days grace period to download / export all your database before our system will automatically delete all the contents in your account.

  • How secure my database in your system?

    Your information is very secure! Security and privacy are our top priority at Assra Digital. All sensitive data is encrypted and we doesn’t store any of your payment information, which is processed through PCI compliant partners. Additionally, all communications with Assra ...

  • Can I import my existing database to Assra Digital system?

    Yes you can, we provide a custom template in csv. format that you can use by fill in the blanks and upload to our system through your superadmin account dashboard. Tutorial are provided in the system dashboard that you can refer. ...

  • Can I integrate Assra Digital system with other platforms or extensions?

    If you have subscribed to our Premium package, you can request to our developers for your integration request. We will try our best to make it possible for your custom system development. This request suppose to inform us during discussion session ...

  • Do you have any referral program?

    Yes we have, but for now we only offer to selected applicants only for affiliation or partnership program. If you interested to know more about our offer please email us at [email protected].

  • Can I have my own domain name for this CRM system?

    Yes you can, but the fees for domain purchase to be paid by the client. We will handle all the setting and integration tasks. If you have further request, please email us at [email protected].

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